A day out on the Mornington Peninsula with friends or family

Outings with friends or family are mostly limited to sight-seeing. Feasting on cool beer and mouth-watering food with a scenic view is the icing on the cake. That’s what a good holiday would sound like. But why settle for good when you can have awesome?

Morning Peninsula in Australia is where you just don’t see a place but you live it. Whether you’re looking for a laidback holiday or you want to feel the adrenaline rush, the place offers a variety of experiences. It’s perfect for a small group private charter as it will give you the flexibility to choose what you want to explore based on your common interests.

Here is the list of things you can do on a day out with friends or family at Morning Peninsula:

  1. Have fun at the beach: You can stroll across the beach with the golden sand between your toes and the pristine blue waves kissing your feet. Or you could just sit back and enjoy a drink while gazing at the beautiful scenery.
  2. Feel the thrill of water sports: Morning Peninsula boasts of an amazing underwater world. You could go surfing, snorkeling, sailing or paddle boarding. Grab the unique opportunity of swimming with the dolphins or just enjoy fishing.


  1. Have a close encounter with wildlife: At the National Park, you can see a host of native Australian wildlife in their natural habitat. You can spot dolphins, seals, grey kangaroos, bandicoots, wallabies. At the wetlands, you can see kookaburras, eagles, parrots, rosellas, swans and many other birds.
  2. Take a dip in the hot springs: The Peninsula Springs offer 20-globally-inspired bathing experiences in a beautiful natural environment. Treat your senses to a unique spa experience. No wonder, this place has won World’s Best Spa Award for three years in a row.

  3. Take a wine tour: This place is home to more than 50 cellar doors. Hear the mesmerizing stories of the vintners’ experience of producing their own wines, particularly the region’s renowned pinot noir. During the winter celebrations, you can taste more than 200 premium wines from the 50 wineries.

  4. Feast on mouth-watering food and drinks: Mornington Peninsula is a culinary paradise. You can enjoy a delicious meal overlooking a sea, a private lake or a vineyard. The vibrant beers, cider, and spirits will only add up to the fun experience with friends or family.
  5. Experience the carnival: Started in 1955 to rebuild the Rye RSL, the Rye and Rosebud Carnival has become an exciting spot for the young and old. Other than the amusement rides, there are other fun activities like face painting, playing with clowns, wildlife interaction, and craft making.
  6. The sand sculpture festival: A visit to the Frankston Sand Sculpting will transport you to a fantasy world. Here you can see life-size sand sculptures and sand castles. The main highlight of the place is that popular childhood stories like the Arabian Knights and Santa’s story etched in sand.
  7. Go on a nostalgic trip at the maze garden: Remember the maze game you played as a kid? Go on a nostalgia trip at the Ashcombe maze and lavender gardens where you can play the maze on a larger canvas in the midst of lush green cypress tres.
  8. Shop till you drop: Morning Peninsula is a shopper’s delight. At the weekend and mid-week markets and also the local villages, you will find amazing paintings, sculptures, and crafts. You can also shop for local foods.