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Booking a Private Bus Charter to the Great Ocean Road

great ocean road bus

For road trip enthusiasts, the Great Ocean Road is a must entry in their bucket lists. While planning on exploring the gorgeous stretch in the land down under, you may want to make sure you have planned your trip to a tee.

If you happen to be a larger group of family or friends, choosing to book a private bus charter gives you the much-needed comfort and flexibility to visit all the sights and attractions this exquisite ocean-side stretch has to offer.

Why Consider a Private Bus Charter?

For large groups of travellers, choosing a private bus charter is a great way to explore each and every one of these spots at your own pace and convenience. Avoid holiday crowds, customize your trip and enjoy the scenic views till when you feel like without having to rely on a set schedule.

Here are some of the most fascinating stops you want to make during your trip.

  1. Bells Beach

Bells Beach is famous among surfers for its big swells. Located in Torquay, for the non-surfers, it offers the ideal setting to sit back and relax right at the start of your trip. Work on your surfing skills, because you will need them as you proceed down the road. Sky diving, snorkelling or simply taking a stroll along the coast are all activities you can pursue with your group.


  1. Aireys Inlet

The next stop your private bus charter can take you group is the Split Point Lighthouse. Considered to be a rather famous icon on this road trip, consider taking a guided tour to the top, which also offers some great photo-ops.


  1. The Great Otway National Park

You will be surprised with the sheer size of this national park. Understandably, it takes over a major percentage of the Great Ocean Road. However, the first chance you will get to explore it is when you arrive at the town of Lorne. Covered over 103,000 hectares, this region is home to ancient rainforests, exaggerated coastlines, beaches, exquisite waterfalls and natural life like none other.


  1. Apollo Bay

If your group plans on spending a night on the Great Ocean Road before heading off to explore some more, Apollo Bay is a great pitstop to consider. This part of the trop offers a number of beautiful walks in the foothills of the Otway Ranges. Here, you will also find some great watering holes allowing you to kick off your shoes and soak in the wonderful day you have had.


  1. Lavers Hill

While unremarkable in itself, this quaint time is located at a critical crossroads on your trip. Choose to stick to your plan and continue on the Great Ocean Road, or take a detour for a small adventure to Chapple Vale that offers some great hiking and camping options. You can also visit Colac from here, that leads you to a trip to a dormant volcano.


  1. The Twelve Apostles

Heading back to the Great Ocean Road, it is time to visit the highlight of the trip. On Shipwreck Coast, you will come across towering limestone stacks that sit off the shore of Port Campbell National Park. While these stacks are known as the Twelve Apostles, only eight of them remain while the others have succumbed to the wrath of the ocean over the years.

In addition to this, make sure that your private bus tour includes visits to the London Arch, the Loch Ard Gorge, the Grotto, the Bay of Islands and Warrnambool depending on the time your travel group has at hand.

bus charter melbourne

Benefits of a Private Bus Charter to the Yarra Valley Wine Region of Victoria

Considering the right form of transportation is an integral part of vacation planning. Choosing something that ensures safety as well as comfort for you and your travel companions becomes essential.

Exploring the Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley, which is picturesque and famous for its wineries, is quite frequented by tourists. It is generally a one-hour drive from Melbourne. For a hassle-free tour of this scenic place, it is recommended that you hire a private bus charter Melbourne service. It can prove to be beneficial for you on many counts.

Why Hire Bus Charter in Melbourne?

Whether you are planning a trip to the Yarra Valley Wine Region of Victoria with friends, family or colleagues consider hiring a charter bus. One of the best things about charter buses is that they are designed to accommodate transportation needs of small as well as large groups. These vehicles are handled by seasoned drivers, whose role can also double as your tour guides. In fact, some drivers are also trained in providing commentary. When booking the bus, make sure you verify that your driver is deft in this art. Other benefits that characterize charter busses include:

  • On-time services at affordable prices
  • Comfortable and well-equipped vehicles
  • Local drivers with friendly disposition
  • Pickup and drop from determined points

In addition to offering onboard comfort and ease, these services are also witnessing a rise in demand on account of their ability to provide the best touring experiences of the wine region.

A Holistic Culinary Experience

As you may know, the Yarra Valley wine region of Victoria is more than a wine tasting trip. Dotted with spectacular wineries in the midst of splendid mountains, the place is gifted with local produce and lip smacking food.  If you want to make most of this tour, then choose a reputable company that offers to you a holistic experience of the area.

A good bus charter from Melbourne can help you with a well-planned tour. The bus can take you to the main highlights of the region, such as the Gateway Estate, Dominique Portet Winery, the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery, Napoleone Brewery and Cider House, Rochford Winery and more.

No need to Assign a Designated Driver

It deserves to be mentioned here that those who crave for tasting refined wines and delicious spread amidst the rich history without any hassle private bus charter services are a boon for them. All members of your travel group can enjoy this experience by taking advantage of the organized transport services.

Another important point is these buses are known for their punctuality. This means that you will be able to explore the Yarra Valley region at your own pace without worrying about the bus picking you up and dropping you off back at the hotel on time.  With the right charter service at your side, you will be able to make the most of your day sipping on some exquisite Australian wine and tasting the best foods from this wonderful region!